Tiny House.

Posted by gthm on February 2, 2015

We lived in a 1200 sq ft 2BR in Seoul, Korea which I considered to be on the smallish side. We picked up and moved back to the States and further downsized to a 550-ish pre-war 1BR right outside Columbus Circle. That apartment was considered a perfect fit because they allowed dogs and had a wall long enough to fit the entertainment/bookshelves/storage apparatus we brought with us. With the ever threat of rising rental prices, we purchased a 1200 sq ft 1BR duplex. The sight of multiple living spaces simply wowed us. While its great to have designated spaces that allow breathing space/elbow room, the Tiny House Movement continues to frighten yet intrigue me.

This guy's story is one of the latest testaments to simpler living in a footprint that is just "enough" and illustrates Tiny Living is doable. Maybe one day.