Offscreen Mag is Back.

Posted by gthm on February 4, 2015


Finally this day has arrived.

Finally this day has arrived where Offscreen Magazine has looked back in its brief past and delivered what made it truly compelling from its earlier issues. Tonight I received Issue 10 with Andrew Kim on the cover, Amit Gupta, Om Malik (who I had followed since his Business 2.0 days) and Scott Belsky.

I have to admit I was on the brink of not re-subscribing after Issue 9. The content quality, ahem, the featured people showcased in Issues 7, 8 and 9 were cookie-cutter pedestrian. And its possible their stories appeared to lack depth or substance because not enough pages were made available to them. In other words, the storyline was weak. And the flow was crippled with filler pages of 1-2 paragraphs of random people/topics that did nothing but give off a disjointed reading experience.

There were glimmer here and there of the early days of Offscreen like Issue 7’s Oliver Reichenstein of iA, Issue 8's Georg Petschnigg and Issue 9's single page spread of Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss Miss. The problem was there too few and far between of these great reads. I started to seriously doubt Offscreen’s future direction and my subscription with Issue 9. The profile of Ruchi Sanghvi was rather meh and was better suited for Businessweek.

TL;DR: Offscreen Mag is back with a sweeter showcase of individuals structured in longer reads with less distraction, and I'm super excited to see what Kai Brach has in store for Issue 11!