Posted by gthm on August 9, 2015

Years of bad posture has doomed me.

To be fair, not only that but getting older has redefined what type of foods I should be eating (and avoiding). More greens, and more balance where I’m snacking less on processed treats.

I think I’ve made some progress on the balance nutrition front as I’ve taken up Soylent beginning with v1.4 blended in with blueberries or other fruits. Now I’m fine as is with v1.5. Its my morning shake and at times a lunch, or post-lunch snack.

Along the way, we picked up a Gaiam Custom Balance Chair which helps with re-establishing good posture. However, paired with WaterRower is absolutely powerful! Its low impact (good for joints) yet exercises all the major muscle groups, good for the posture, and soothing with the sounds of moving water.

That’s it for now but I’m making good strides to correcting the effects of growing older. More to come soon.